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Ethos Food and Beverages Distribution Inc. is a distribution company for food, non-alcoholic beverages, and cosmetic products all over Asia. Ethos is engaged in selling, distributing and marketing all kinds of goods, commodities, wares and merchandise of every kind and description in so far as may be permitted by law at its distributor’s price. The company firstly commenced its business in the Philippines, year 2017.

The word Ethos means culture, community, and the highest form of motivation.

The company portrays its definition by executing its operations that focuses on uplifting one’s living, aiding to the establishment of a community with a healthy and abundant culture and limitless motivation.


The Human icon represents us.

The Feather symbolizes each of one’s opportunity to soar high with the;

Leaf symbolical representation of “healthy and all-natural.


  • To distribute the best quality products, at the best price, with outstanding customer service.
  • Ensure safety and health focused products that will benefit our end consumers.
  • Conform the statutory requirements and ensure our supplier’s compliance with the constitutional and international standard requirements to obtain the best quality of products and get a good price ratio for its product offers.
  • Develop its distribution network to extend its scope and strengthen its market position.


“To be a leader in product distribution industry specifically in the wholesale sector allover Asia.”