Ashok Ginseng Coffee

//Ashok Ginseng Coffee

Ashok Ginseng Coffee


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Ashok Ginseng Coffee is made delicious with Ginseng, Agaricus, Cordecyps, Ganoderma and Wheatgrass extracts. It can help relieve stress hormones and combat cancer fatigue. Good for fighting cancer cells.

Ashok Ginseng Coffee is a healthy drink which is rich in anti-oxidant. By drinking Ginseng coffee, it could help boost immunity and enhances memory. Above all could lessen skin aging for younger looking skin!

10 in stock

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– Fermented Ginseng Extract
– Agaricus Mushroom Extract
– Wheatgrass Extract
– Cordyceps Mushroom Extract
– Ganoderma Mushroom Extract

Other Ingredients:
Coffee, non-dairy creamer and stevia as sweetener


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